Feldenkrais for Musicians

In English, and German if needed

Come and experience an introduction to Feldenkrais for musicians, led by Feldenkrais Practitioner and violist Anne Ristorcelli.

In this hour-long session we will discuss finding a comfortable and safe posture, how to bring a new ease and power to your music making and how the Feldenkrais Method can help with nerves and stage fright. As a musician, we can experience physical challenges which cause discomfort or injury. We will learn how to identify and address these challenges using Feldenkrais techniques. We will also do a short Feldenkrais lesson; a series of gentle movements and guided attention that will help you play with greater ease, clarity, expressiveness, and joy. This lesson will include movements that you can practice in your daily life to bring calmness and ease to your Performance.

Think of it as fine tuning yourself!



©Matthias Muenz

Anne Ristorcelli

is a Feldenkrais Practitioner and violist. Through her experience of playing in orchestras and festivals around the world, as well as teaching Feldenkrais to musicians and other groups, she has developed a deep understanding of the importance of physical well-being, conscious movement and mindfulness in achieving personal and professional success.

Work Experience:
2017 - present Feldenkrais Practitioner and Educator

  • She taught the Feldenkrais method in multiple countries, including Austria, Norway, Russia, Taiwan, Nepal, Thailand, and the USA
  • She also worked with privately and with groups of musicians to improve physical well-being and prevent injury, including members of the Vienna Philharmonic

1995 - present Violist

  • She performed regularly with the Reno Philharmonic and the Reno chamber orchestra, as well as orchestras in Germany, France, Austria, Norway, and the UK
  • For 4 summers she played with the Festival della Valle d ́Itria summer Opera Program
  • She also lived in Corsica for 1 year, created her own Summer Music Festival, and performed/improvised Corsican Folk Music

2015- 2019 Feldenkrais Practitioner Certification, Feldenkrais Institute Wien
2005 - 2007 Master of Music, Viola Performance, University of Colorado Boulder
2001 - 2005 Bachelor of Music, Viola Performance, Oberlin Conservatory