New for 2015!

The conference will include a Programme of Erasmus+ STT (staff training) in Dalcroze research and practice: ‘Getting Started’ seminars and specific workshops. These motivational and informative sessions by leading experts will help delegates make the first steps on their research journey and help develop their teaching expertise. All delegates are welcome. However, delegates teaching in Higher Education Institutions in Europe, which are ECHE holders, may be eligible for Erasmus+ STT funding; such delegates should contact the Erasmus officer at their own institution to apply for this.

We have inaugurated the Joan Pope bursary for a delegate in financial need. The bursary, made possible by Joan’s generosity, will cover the delegate fee and €300 towards travel expenses. The deadline for applications is 31 January 2015. Apply on the conference website.

The scientific committee invites presentations from institutions anywhere in the world that wish to host the 4th International Conference of Dalcroze Studies in 2019  (plans for 2017 are already underway). These presentations
are open to all and the scientific committee encourages delegates to help decide the venue.