16th of May, 2024, 5pm

Pre-opening of the International Research Center Gender and Performativity  

with Jack Halberstam - Unworlding: Trans* Architectures


In cooperation with the FWF PEEK-project (AR598) Navigating Dizziness Together (


mdw-GENDER STUDIES LECTURE SERIES: Performing Challenges

The Gender Lecture Series explores the relationships between performing arts and interdependent social, political, and ecological challenges. Challenge is meant here in the literal sense of a questioning or doubting, but also as a suggestion, invitation, provocation, or taking on. We want to ask, on the one hand, how current global challenges find form in the arts, that is to say, how they are performed, and on the other, how performative practices themselves challenge, invite, and potentially provoke change. In this context, it is the aesthetic means and conditions of performing today, situated at the intersections of performing arts, activism, politics and theory, that are to be at the centre of our joint engagement with and discussion of gender issues.

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Since autumn 2020, the lecture series has regularly included lectures, workshops and panel discussions with renowned experts from science and the arts.,

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FACING_DRAG Film and Lecture Series with


  • Fatima Naqvi (Yale): Fassbinder’s Fascist Drag
  • Diedrich Diederichsen (Vienna): No Climax no Highlight – Jack Smith, Das Kapital, Vol I to III
  • Stephan Geene (Berlin): SHAYNE. eine mini-serie in 6 teilen


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War in Ukraine: Intersectional Perspectives

Talk and lecture series:

Lecture and Talk: A. Haaron Akram-Lodhi (Trent University, Canada): War, Ukraine and Food: a Global Crisis

War in Ukraine: Intersectional perspectives from the Belarusian opposition
Talk with Olga Shparaga (European College of Liberal Arts in Belarus, Minsk/ Wissenschaftskolleg Berlin)

War in Ukraine: Intersectional Perspectives
Talk with Monika Mokre (The Institute of Culture Studies and Theatre History )


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