mdw club – for alumni, friends and partners!

Our goal is to nourish a spirit of loyalty and general well-being at the mdw and also to provide support to the mdw’s alumni, friends, and partners, in the process helping to make their activities known to a broader public.

The mdw club is a cultural and international network for mdw graduates, students, teachers, friends, and partners, as well as for non-teaching mdw employees. Participation is open to everyone who feels connected to the mdw, supports our activities, and would like to make use of what we offer.


Foto: Stephan Polzer



mdw club-Führung im Jüdischen Museum

Der mdw club ist am 23. Jänner 2019 nach langer Zeit wieder einmal im Jüdischen Museum zu Gast. „Leonard Bernstein. Ein New Yorker in Wien“ lautet der Titel der Ausstellung, bei der authentische und berührende Fotos des Ausnahmekünstlers zu sehen sind. Eintritt und Führung sind kostenlos für mdw club-Mitglieder plus Begleitperson!

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Got the diploma - What now? - Part 9: Freelancing

The next part of our series is online and deals with the issue of When it Gets Serious: Things to Know about Freelancing in Austria.

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