2nd European Music School Symposium
| 2019 | October 10th to 11th

Registration is already closed, further information: hahn-m@mdw.ac.at

University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna 
Anton-von-Webern-Platz 1, 1030 Vienna, Austria

Department of Music Education Research, Music Didactics and
Elementary Music Education (IMP)

Partners: European Music School Union (EMU),
Conference of Austrian Music School Associations (KOMU)



Creating interfaces in music education systems

Music schools are masters of collaboration with manifold institutions and initiatives.
As a broad music education requires diverse educational settings, manifold musical experiences and different institutional options music schools must cooperate with partners to enable every child and adolescent to reach their individual musical goals.

Music schools collaborate with compulsory schools to reach out to all children, with music universities to promote highly talented students, with music associations to offer their students different musical experiences and practice, with social institutions to deepen mutual musical experiences, with other arts to initiate creative and innovative interdisciplinary learnings, with cultural organizations, orchestras and many more.

Discussions and presentations during this symposium will focus on

  • Illustrating how a broader music education for children and adolescents can be achieved by sustainable collaborations
  • Questioning aims of music schools in view of social changes, cultural diversity and changing learning environments
  • Identifying supportive and obstructive factors, chances and challenges in collaborations with partners
  • Highlighting added value for children and adolescents through crossing institutional borders and social worlds
  • Reflecting the changes in educational and artistic processes in music schools provoked by collaborations
  • Posing questions about the reconstruction of music education for the 21st century

The symposium aims to encourage a creative and innovative interdisciplinary exchange between European experts, scholars and academics to inspire and encourage the further development of music schools. It offers a powerful platform for new perspectives on a broadly accessible music education and will be essential for all those involved in music school development.