Project Team

Martin Eybl (chair) >
Julia Ackermann (2014–2017, 2021–2023)
Christiane Hornbachner (2014–2017, 2021–2023)
Constanze Köhn (2021–2023)
Marko Motnik (2014–2016)
Sarah Schulmeister (2014–2017, 2021–2023)

Web interface and database programming.
A dataset of the Bernstein Project on watermarks and paper expertise
Website development and design
Johannes Hornbachner
Digital processing of watermark images
Delilah Rammler & Sumner Williams
Documentation of musical signs in the Copyist Identifier

The project team is studying the opera scores in the Department of Music of the Austrian National Library.
F.l.t.r.: Christiane Hornbachner, Julia Ackermann, Martin Eybl, Sarah Schulmeister, Constanze Köhn.
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