LOOK, LISTEN, LINK - Psychological First Aid


LOOK (Pay attention to a situation):

  • Establish what has or is happening. Establish who needs help.

  • Identify safety and security risks.

  • Identify physical injuries.

  • Identify immediate basic and practical needs. Observe emotional reactions.


LISTEN (Pay attention to the person):

  • Introduce yourself.

  • Pay attention and listen actively. Accept others’ feelings.

  • Calm the person in distress. Ask about needs and concerns.

  • Help the person(s) in distress to find solutions to their needs and problems.


LINK (Take action to help):

  • Find information.

  • Connect with the person’s loved ones and social support. Tackle practical problems.

  • Obtain services and other help.


(Quelle: Canadian Red Cross Psychological First Aid Programm Fact Sheet. Stand:20.9..2020)