Alcide al bivio (Mus.Hs.9951)       

ComposerHasse, Johann Adolf
Date of performance1760-10-07 Premiere
Dating of manuscript1760
NotesHasse's "Alcide al bivio" had its premiere in Vienna in 1760 and was revived in 1762. We have three scores from the Imperial collection; Zechmeister (Die Wiener Theater 1971, p. 472) dates them all to 1760. The combination of WK60E and P61 can be found in a score copied either in late 1760 or in early 1761 (Traetta_10007). Due to the same combination, Hasse_9951 was most probably written in the same period, confirming Zechmeister's attribution. Both scores were owned by Archduchess Elisabeth.
Number of volumes3
PaperP61, P71, P71_var1, P71_var2
Detailed information Hasse_9951
LibraryÖsterreichische Nationalbibliothek, Vienna
Library holding A-Wn Mus.Hs.9951
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Former owner(s)1. Archduchess Elisabeth (1743-1808)
2. Emperor Franz II./I. (1768-1835)
3. Steiermärkischer Musikverein