Paper      P71_var3      
Date of use1770 - 1771
Paper millAntonio Seguito, Lusetti, Toscolano
CommentaryP71 appears in many different variants, differing among other things in the width of the letter M in the mark, the little circles under the crown in the countermark, and the space between the letters A and S in the sidemark. The selenometry varies within a range of 72 to 74 mm (xz).

Watermark P71_var3A

Watermark2 crescents / M
Selenometrie in mmxz: 72, xy: 18
Countermarkcross / crown / crossed blades (small circles)
SourceA Wn Mus.Hs._18076_1_fol108v109r106v107r
watermark countermark cornermark sheet

Twinmark P71_var3B

Watermark3 crescents / M
Selenometrie in mmxz: 75, xy: 20
Countermarkcross / crown / St. Andrew’s cross (crossed keys?)
SourceA Wn Mus.Hs._10064_3_fol370v371r366v367r
twin watermark twin countermark twin cornermark twin sheet

Copyists and works

Copyists using paper P71A_var3,
Scores written on paper P71A_var3