Paper      P67      
Date of use1759 - 1760
Paper millJoseph Anton Unold, Wolfegg, Oberschwaben

Watermark P67A

Countermarkcrowned coat of arms / IAV
SourceA Wn Mus.Hs._17778_fol121v124r123v126r
countermark sheet

Twinmark P67B

Watermarkcrowned coat of arms / IAV
SourceA Wn Mus.Hs._17875_fol9v7r8v6r
no twin countermark
twin watermark twin sheet

Copyists and works

Copyists using paper P67WK60A, WK60B
Scores written on paper P67Gluck_17778, Gluck_17875
Staff ruling on paper P674/81A, 5/88A, 5/90A