Paper      P41      
Date of use1769 - 1771
Paper millAntonio Seguito, Lusetti, Toscolano
CommentaryMark and countermark are arranged vice versa in the two twins. The description of the watermark is referring to the A-twin. P41 often appears together with P73 in mixed quires.

Watermark P41A

Watermarklily / AS
Countermark3 crescents / A
Selenometrie in mmxz: 77, xy: 13
SourceA Wn Mus.Hs._17833_1_fol74v73r80v79r
watermark countermark sheet

Twinmark P41B

Watermarklily / AS
Selenometrie in mmxz: 79, xy: 15
Countermark3 crescents / A
SourceA Wn Mus.Hs._17833_1_fol77v78r75v76r
twin watermark twin countermark twin sheet

Copyists and works

Copyists using paper P41WK68F, WK70A, WK71D, WK71E, WK71F, WK71L, WK71M, WK71Q
Scores written on paper P41Sacchini_17830, Sacchini_17869, Salieri_17833
Staff ruling on paper P4110/184K, 10/192D