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May offers some great opportunities for early career researchers to get involved, for example as a Doc-Buddy, to get ahead, by attending a workshop, or to get funding by submitting to one of the current calls below.


OeAW Post-DocTrack Fellowship

The OeAW awards up to eight fellowships per year to holders of a doctorate or PhD in the humanities and social and cultural sciences in order to assist in the transition to the post-doc phase. In particular, the aim is to support:

  • the completion of publications resulting from a doctoral thesis

  • the development of a candidate’s own research project for applying to national or international funding bodies

  • the development of (international) networks and cooperation

Find further information here. Deadline: 15 May 2024 and 15 November 2024. If you are interested, please contact the mdw's research support office, which acts as the central point of contact for third-party funding applications.

mdw PostDoc Fellowships

The mdw PostDoc Fellowship offers 3-6 months employment positions to support early-stage researchers after the completion of their doctoral studies. They are open to researchers from all disciplines who are planning to submit a proposal under the FWF's ESPRIT programme or other post-doc funding programmes, or who are planning to re-submit a proposal that has, for example, been evaluated as "approved-but-not-funded". The deadline for applications is 20 May 2024. For further information, please contact the mdw's research support office.

Mannagetta Fellowships

These OeAW fellowships are intended for the completion of a doctoral thesis in the humanities, cultural studies and social sciences at a university in Austria. Fellowships are awarded for a period of eight to twelve months and must be started within three months of notification of the grant. If the dissertation is submitted for review before the end of the funding period, the remaining time of the funding period can be used for the preparation of publications. Find further information here. Deadline: 20 June 2024. If you are interested, please contact the mdw's research support office, which acts as the central point of contact for third-party funding applications.

IFK Research Fellowships

Intended for postdoctoral researchers the IFK Research Fellowships are funding an expense allowance as well as a workspace at ifk. Applications for this fellowship will be accepted from individuals of all nationalities and regardless of institutional or professional affiliation. Austrian applicants with comparable qualifications are given preference. You can find information on the application process here. Applications are open until 07 July 2024. 

We are looking for Doc-Buddies

The mdw's Doc-Buddy-Programme is designed to help new doctoral students arrive at the mdw and to welcome them during their first weeks at their new university. Doc-Buddies are contact persons for new doctoral students, introduce them to other doctoral students, show them around campus and other important places in the area, and help them get off to a good start. If you are interested in becoming a buddy or need more information, please contact Lea Rizzi Ladinser

☞ Early Career Workshop in Ethnomusicology

The Austrian National Committee of ICTMD invites you to the Early Career Workshop in Ethnomusicology 2024. In addition to mutual presentation and discussion of your contributions, there will be a practice-oriented workshop unit. This might include exercises on academic writing or presenting, information on funding and publishing or methods and tips for your own teaching. The workshop will take place at the Department of Musicology of the University of Vienna on the 8th and 9th of November. Find further information here. Application deadline is 31 May 2024.


We hope that these offers are interesting for you and that you will take advantage of the possibilities. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 




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