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We hope you are enjoying the holidays and making the most of your time. Whether you are considering new ventures over the break or planning for the next term, we have some notable opportunities to share with you. Check out the FFG Academy's Fit4Funding course for those interested in European funding opportunities. Our cooperation partner, the LBG's Career Center offers Peers4Careers, a 9-month accountability programme designed for setting and reaching your goals. If you have a passion for musicology, Junge Musikwissenschaft welcomes new members looking for community and support.



Peers4Careers is back! The programme includes a 2-day P4C retreat to help you identify your core values, set a specific goal and create action steps to achieve it. For 9 months, you will spend time each week working towards your goal. Your peers will keep you motivated and an experienced accountability expert will guide you to growth and success.This unique format is offered by our cooperation partner the LBG Career Center. Applications will be accepted until 3 March 2024, exclusively via a brief video statement. Please email your 2-minute video to 

Fit4Funding Course

The course Fit4funding by the FFG Academy course is designed for early-stage researchers who want to start their own European funding journey. It offers a mix of online self-learning modules and live webinars with FFG experts and guest speakers to provide valuable insights into the guiding principles and other relevant topics of European R&I funding programmes. The course will take place in five sessions between 12 April 2024 and 17 May 2024. Registration is open until 12 March 2024.

AR-Pilot – Call for Artistic Research-Projects

The mdw invites applications for internal funding of pilot projects in the field of artistic research. A total of € 20,000 is available for innovative research projects that clearly demonstrate the use of appropriate artistic research methodology and serve as pilots for potential applications for third-party funding, especially within the framework of the FWF's PEEK programme. Preference will be given to projects that are likely to be published (e.g. in the Research Catalogue) and to transdisciplinary and collaborative projects. Applications must be submitted by 21 April 2024. For further information, please contact the mdw's research support office.

☞ Call for Applications - Doctor Artium Program at mdw

The artistic doctoral programme at mdw promotes research related to artistic practice that develops plural methods and forms of new knowledge. Dissertation projects are often characterised by interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity, process orientation and contextualisation in cultural and socio-political realities. The doctoral programme is open to all of the arts disciplines represented at mdw (music, theatre, film) - it also welcomes transdisciplinary artistic research approaches that go beyond these disciplines. For further informations visit their website. Registration for the admission exam is open until 29 April 2024. 

mdw PostDoc Fellowships

The mdw PostDoc Fellowship offers 3-6 months employment positions to support early-stage researchers after the completion of their doctoral studies. They are open to researchers from all disciplines who are planning to submit a proposal under the FWF's ESPRIT programme or other post-doc funding programmes, or who are planning to re-submit a proposal that has, for example, been evaluated as "approved-but-not-funded". The deadline for applications is 20 May 2024. For further information, please contact the mdw's research support office.

Junge Musikwissenschaft of the Austrian Society for Musicology (ÖGMw)

The Junge Musikwissenschaft (JuMuWi) of the Austrian Society for Musicology (ÖGMw) is always happy to welcome new members: As the representative body of the interests of musicology students in Austria, the JuMuWI is committed to your promotion, networking, and visibility within the scientific community. If your are interested in the activities, events and the journal AN:klang of the Junge Musikwissenschaft, check out their website, and/or subscribe to their newsletter via

We hope that these offers are interesting for you and that you will take advantage of the possibilities. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 




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