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PhD Supervision Tools & Strategies

Kursnummer: K7

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The seminar concerns supervision at the doctoral level. The seminar is very practice-oriented, and the main emphasis is on exchanging and practicing concrete supervision principles, methods, and tools. It focuses on three main competences:

  • text-related skills: to convey criteria for academic papers, to support students’ writing processes, and to provide feedback that is forward-looking, accurate, specific, and criteria-based
  • relationship and process management skills: to establish and maintain constructive working relationships with students and potential co-supervisors, and to match expectations early and regularly
  • communication skills: to ask questions that encourage students' independence, to listen actively, and to meta-communicate the content and process of the supervision

Course Objectives:

At the end of the workshop, participants should be able to:

  • describe and substantiate their practice as supervisors
  • align expectations with students and the team of supervisors early and regularly in a project
  • encourage students' writing processes and provide constructive feedback
  • apply different communication methods that ensure progression in supervision meetings and promote students’ independence
  • identify and manage typical conflicts in supervision, such as balancing between support and structure, between product and process supervision, between private and professional elements in supervision relationships
  • include the disciplinary community as a resource in supervision
  • analyze and solve concrete dilemmas in their own and colleagues’ supervision practice


The workshop combines different teaching methods: short lectures on research-based supervision, group work, general discussions, and individual exercises. The workshop is held in English.

Target Group

PhD Supervisors


ao. Prof.in MA Gitte Wichmann-Hansen





Participants are expected to allocate approx. four hours to prepare before the seminar by completing three tasks:

  • Write a so-called Supervisor letter. It fills 1-2 A4 pages and describes your individual supervision style – how you practice supervision, how regular you meet with your students, what you expect from them, etc.
  • Briefly describe an issue or problem, which you are currently facing in relation to one of your PhD students. The description should be approximately ½ A4 page
  • Choose an excerpt of written feedback that you have provided to one of your students.

In case, you don’t have experience as a doctoral supervisor, then please complete the tasks by use of examples from your supervision of Master’s theses.

A seminar in cooperation with the mdw Research Support and the Dean’s office for scientific studies.

Termine & Location

  • 26.09.202209:00 - 15:00
  • 27.09.202209:00 - 15:00
AW S 02 32
Hauptgebäude, Bauteil S
Anton-von-Webern-Platz 1
1030 Wien

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