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Academic Writing

Kursnummer: S3

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Based on the theory of contrastive rhetoric, this intensive 3-day course covers the unwritten rules of Anglo-American writing and argumentation, and the concept of the psychology of reading. The seminar includes hands-on experience in organizing information effectively, establishing the purpose clearly, focusing content for a specific readership, using appropriate sentence and paragraph lengths, presenting technical information in useful form, using clear language, making smooth transitions, sticking to the point, and writing persuasively.


Instruction via 15 documents, two half-day lectures and Q&A via Zoom, participants’ practice in writing and rewriting their abstracts and instructor editing via Word track changes, and individual Skype consultations


This course teaches participants how to write English papers that are sufficiently clear, concise, organized, and polished for publication in international journals.


Participants will be contacted by the course leader approx. three weeks before course start.

Target Group

mdw Researchers, Faculty, Students and External People


MA Natalie Reid


Intern: 125€ (Extern: 375€)


(Mon 11 - Thu 14.4.2022 individual consultations by arrangement)

A seminar in cooperation with mdw Research Support and the Dean’s Office for Scientific Studies.

Bitte beachten Sie die Bedingungen zur Teilnahme an Webinaren des ZfW, siehe unter Punkt 11 https://www.mdw.ac.at/zfw/agb/

Termine & Location

  • 04.04.202214:00 - 20:00
  • 05.04.202214:00 - 20:30

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