Institute der mdw | Departments of the mdw
Across the 25 departments of the mdw, more than 3,000 students receive training from distinguished artists, scholars and educators. Details on current programmes and scope of activities are available through respective departmental homepages.


The Information Technology Department (ZID) is responsible for all matters in the field of information and communication technologies. On the ZID homepage, you will find all (IT) services offered by the ZID. The ZID service centre with its helpdesk support service provides assistance on technical problems.


Karenz nach dem Mutterschutzgesetz/Väter-Karenzgesetz | Parental leave in accordance with the Maternity Protection Act/ Paternity Leave Act
Parental leave can begin at the end of the mother's compulsory maternity protection leave, after the birth of the child, or, in the case of split parental leave, following the leave of the other parent. It concludes at the end of the agreed period, but no later than the child's second birthday. Parental leave can be divided between the parents in no more than two parts. Notification of the start and intended duration of a period of parental leave should be given in good time wherever possible; for mothers, this must be no later than the last day of compulsory maternity protection leave; for fathers wishing to take up the parental leave after the mother's compulsory maternity protection leave, notification must be given no later than eight weeks after the birth. In the case of split parental leave, notification must be given at least three months before the leave is taken up. Notification is to be sent in writing to the relevant contact person in the Department of Human Resources.


Karriere | Career
The Career Centre of the mdw - University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna supports students and recent graduates (up to 5 years after graduation) on their transition into the labour market.


Kindergruppe "Sprachmelodie" | Children's group “Sprachmeoldie”
The children's group "Sprachmelodie" was founded in 2005 by the Student Body of the mdw as an "Association for the Support of Students and other University Members of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna". The group is also open to children without mdw involvement. More information can be found on the children's group homepage.


Kollektivvertrag | Collective agreement
The collective agreement for university employees came into force on 01.10.2009.


Kontakte | Contacts
Here you will find an overview of mdw's administrative departments and their respective contact persons as well as a complete list of all administrative staff.


Krankheit und Unfall | Illness and accident
Any absence from work due to illness or accident must be reported to the employer immediately, that is, as soon as possible under the specific circumstances. Lecturers must report sick leave directly to the respective department, either to the department management or to the department secretariat. This ensures that the department (and if necessary, with the involvement of the Dean of Studies) can either arrange for a replacement or inform students that they will not be able to attend classes.

As soon as sick leave exceeds three working days, a medical certificate of incapacity to work must be provided and forwarded by the employee or by the department/service to the Department of Human Resources (by e-mail to Employees must also first notify the department/service of the end of their sick leave. In the case of indefinite sick leave, a medical confirmation of the (expected) end of the sick leave ("Fitness for Work Certificate") must be provided and forwarded by the employee or by the department/service and forwarded to the above e-mail address.


Lehre - Aufgaben des wissenschaftlichen und künstlerischen Personals nach Kollektivvertrag | Teaching - Tasks of the scientific and artistic staff in accordance with the collective agreement
A    University professors (§ 25 KollV)
B    Associate professors (after attaining the qualification, § 27 KollV)
C    Assistant Professors See lit. D for tasks
D    University assistants: Senior Scientists, Senior Artists, Senior Lecturers (§ 26 KollV)
E    Project staff (§ 28 KollV)
F    Lecturers (§ 29 KollV)
G    Student employees (§ 30 KollV)
General information (on working hours, attendance requirements, teaching and learning)
Academic Integrity (AKI) (information on the integrity of the scientific work of teachers, researchers and students)
Teaching development (good teaching and measures to develop contemporary teaching)


Leistungsvereinbarung der mdw | Performance Agreement of the mdw
The performance agreement is a contract under public law. It is concluded between the individual universities and the federal government (BMBWF ) and is legally valid for a period of three years. It is the basis for the university's programme of work and defines the budgetary framework. The Performance Agreement of the mdw can be found on the mdw homepage.


Leitbild der mdw | Mission statement of the mdw
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