Gastvortrag: Catherine Spet - The Artistic Dialogue with AI !abgesagt!

The lecture will discuss the topics of using or subverting AI algorithms as a fruitful dialogue partner, while still questioning the risks of such technologies, by showing some recent artistic projects and introducing so me helpful tools and resources. How can AI also work as an interdisciplinary tool for combining digital art and sound art?

By experimenting with different media such as film, sound, game art and last but not least the current developments of different AI tools, I try with my art to open a dialogue that critically questions the role of the subject in times of metaverse and increasing power of AI. Working with a variety of media such as augmented reality, virtual reality and game reality, I try to use artificial worlds to create a new perspective on ours. In my academic research I explore the question of how we as humans can benefit from such promising technologies, but at the same time be seduced into our own bondage. How can AI help approach concepts like "knowledge" and "wisdom"? What contribution can art make to uncover and critically situ ate precisely these problematics in our society? In my work, I am concerned with bringing various grand narratives and philosophical concepts into the present and renegotiating them in my own lifeworld, which is primarily shaped by digital technologies. Where are concepts such as wisdom, nature, or love negotiated in a digital society shaped by capitalism, and is there still an outside?

Catherine Spet is an interdisciplinary artist who lives and works in Vienna. After completing her bachelor's degree in "Media Technology" with the focus on audiovisual media, she studied "Digital Design" in the master class "Experimental Media" at the University of Applied Sciences St.Pölten. She is currently studying "Experimental Game Cultures" at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and Philosophy at the University of Vienna.
Her works were exhibited at NRW Forum Düsseldorf, Athens Digital Arts Festival, CIVA Festival, Kaleidoskop Kulture Festival Novi Sad, Amaze Festival Berlin, The Wrong Biennale, ASVOFF Paris.

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