CiMPo 7 – Cinematographia Musicae Popularis

Volksmusik im Film
Sacred Mountains
Abrahamic Religions and Musical Practices in the Mediterranean Area
A documentary by Nicola Scaldaferri
LEAV, 2017, 38'

The documentary is devoted to the pilgrimages of the three Abrahamic Religions. The aim is to explore the role of music practices as a way of prayer and participation, and the importance of the sound in shaping and giving meaning to the places. The method used was to film and record sound in first person, reflecting a participatory experience of the author. The intention was to build a story, using music and sound as a part of the narration, without voice over or dialogues, giving information and translations in the captions.

The documentary includes three episodes. The ascent: on the occasion of Shavuot, the Israelite Samaritans climb to pray on Mount Gerizim, in the West Bank. The feast: on August the Bektashi climb Mount Tomorr, in Albania, to pray near the tombs of dede, and practice the kurban (the killing of a sheep). The descent: in early September, the miraculous statue of the Black Madonna of Viggiano, in Southern Italy, "descends" into the village.



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