Ringvorlesung: ADHD in Musicians mit Kensley Behel

Dr. Behel’s interest in musicians‘ health stems from her own experiences struggling with injuries. After undergoing surgery and speech therapy for Stress Velopharyngeal Insufficiency, she presented research on the recovery process at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. From there, Dr. Behel’s work has expancded to include burnout of church musicians, microbial contamination of wind instruments, and ADHD in musicians. As president of the Musicians‘ Health Lab Inc., she presents worldwide on topics to bring awareness of the seriousness and commonality of musicians' health problems to help musicians know that they are not alone and to help them learn effective strategies to prevent musicians‘ injuries. In addition to her work with musicians, Dr. Behel works as a freelance gymnastics journalist and has covered the World Championships in Canada, Scotland, Germany, England, and Japan.

85 to 100 % of musicians will experience performance-related health problems during the course of their career. Musculoskeletal injuries and performance anxiety are commonly addressed. However, little research exists on musicians with ADHD andother neurodiverse diagnoses and how they affect musicians’ health. This lecture will inform students and educators on the clinical definition of different neurodiverse diagnoses such as ADHD and autism, their characteristics, how they present differently in gender, and how to best cultivate resilient musicianswho experience the world differently.Following this event participants will be able to:
• Recognize the different presentation of neurodiverse tendencies in men vs women
• Understand how to cultivate a supportive environment that helps meet the needs of this unique population of musicians

Methods: Lecture, group discussion

Diese Vorlesung wird nur auf Englisch abgehalten.


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