Interdisciplinary Lecture Series – Rolando Vazquez

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#Wissenschaftlicher Vortrag/Symposium

Mittwoch, 1.12. von 17:30 bis 19:00

Veranstaltung findet online statt

Together Alone. Musical Practices between Collectivity and Individuation

Current societal transitions are reshaping the collective and individual aspects of musical practices. The interconnectedness of global actors has fostered the emergence of new collectives and reconfigured conventional understandings of identities. Meanwhile, the ubiquity of the digital has made the creation and consumption of music an increasingly individual and fragmented experience. Drawing on interdisciplinary perspectives, this series contributes to a contemporary diagnosis of musical matters at the intersection of materialities, practices, and knowings.

With lectures by Thomas Burkhalter, Timothy Dowd, Nina Sun Eidsheim, Kai van Eikels, Astrid Erll, Luis-Manuel Garcia, David Hesmondhalgh, Ana Hofman, Simone Mahrenholz, Andreas Meyer, Rolando Vazquez, and Adel-Jing Wang.

The event takes place at the Art House Cinema, Future Art Lab, Anton-von-Webern-Platz 1, 1030 Wien and online via Zoom.

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Zeit & Ort der Veranstaltung

01.12. von 17:30 bis 19:00
Veranstaltung findet online statt


Wednesdays 17:30-19:00 (if not indicated otherwise), starting on October 13th

Simone Mahrenholz: Matter and Meaning in Music – The Collective and the Culture-Relative

20.10.2021 (Online), 14:00–15:30
Kai van Eikels: Can you love your neighbor's music like your own? Some notes on material ethics

27.10.2021 (Online), 14:00–15:30
Adel-Jing Wang: Tacit Resonance: Problems and Potentials in collective music Improvisation

Andreas Meyer: Music on Display: Museum Exhibitions and the Politics of Memory

10.11.2021 (Online)
Timothy Dowd: The Dynamics of Musicking: Connections, Classifications, and Careers

17.11.2021 (Online)
Nina Sun Eidsheim: Dismantling the Panopticon Ear

Ana Hofman: Amateurism revisited: singing, activism and the limits of (post)socialist racialization

01.12.2021 (to be confirmed)
Rolando Vazquez: Decolonial Aesthesis and the Task of Listening

Luis-Manuel Garcia: Together, Somehow: Liquidarity, Activist Fieldwork, and Queer Rave Collectives

12.01.2022 (Online)
David Hesmondhalgh: Digital Platforms in the Realm of Culture: the Case of Music Streaming Services

19.01.2022 (Online)
Astrid Erll: Music and Moving Memory

Thomas Burkhalter: Contradict: How Musicians in Ghana Push for Change