Singing, Song and Sound

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#Wissenschaftlicher Vortrag/Symposium

Mittwoch, 29.9. von 09:00 bis 17:30

Wiener Volksliedwerk - Bockkeller
Gallitzinstraße 1
1160 Wien

Singing, Song, and Sound
European Voices VI
Symposium and Performances
27–30 September 2021

Johann Gottfried Herder characterized singing and song as human acts of personal and cultural agency (Herder & Bohlman 2017). These agencies are enacted musically, thus centralizing the idea of “performance.” The interplay between the textually verbalized and musical content during performance is affected by skills, habits, and tacit knowledge of the agents, as well as by the cultural and contextual features of performance(s). Acquisition and transmission processes make semantic references possible in the ab-sence of the word, as well, as in yodeling practices, for example. Furthermore, the interplay between sing-ing practices and music performed on instruments and/or played for dancing affects our social and cultural uses and understandings of sound.

In this framework, the intense degree of personal and cultural agency found in multipart music practices comes into sharp focus. One of the results of the tension between the objective and subjective dimensions of music and human agency within a group of performers is its characteristic and unique sound, an essential subject of study for our field. Psychoacoustic research on sound production and perception allow us to explore its features and their implications for the music-making process. This is all the more necessary today, when performance processes increasingly draw on influential interchange between musical practice and documentation (e.g., in audio-visual form, in archives, on the internet, and on social media).

The symposium will focus on the diverse ways that singing, song, and sound emerge and are experienced, based on personal and cultural agencies, and their effect on the practice and its discourse.

All events can be attended both on site and online.

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Information and Registration: / Tel: (+43) 1 711 55 4201

Zeit & Ort der Veranstaltung

29.09. von 09:00 bis 17:30
Wiener Volksliedwerk - Bockkeller
Gallitzinstraße 1
1160 Wien


Optional: 18:30–19:30 visit to the Austrian Folk Music and Song Society.
Venue: Operngasse 6, 1010 Vienna

For further information, please visit IVE