Ringvorlesung Artistic Reasearch - Knowing in Performing

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am 21.04.2020 18 00


The human body moving through space/time is an analogy for thought unfolding. It is the performance of a microcosmic part within a macrocosmic whole; performances that provide us with an opportunity to claim the knowledge of that whole as our own.

It is often mentioned that the human body is a microcosmic part of a macrocosmic whole that we call the Universe. But what does that actually mean? And what would it mean to say that the human body, moving through space, accepting, resisting, defying and mediating its way through and/or around every obstacle, i.e., performing, is a way of understanding and claiming the knowledge that that macrocosmic whole offers?

This lecture and workshop offers a different way of thinking about Performance-as-Research, Artistic Research or Research/Creation. It also references my current research project Contemporary Nomads as a practical way of dealing with what is in fact an immense philosophical question.

Contemporary Nomads investigates patterns in the large-scale movements of bodies across international spaces by thinking of them as transnational choreography whose movements speak to the deep fragmentation that exists between communities within as well as outside national borders, between nationalized and personalized bodies, and between social and political institutions and the ordinary people they were meant to serve. It examines the larger arc of what cultural theorist Stuart Hall once called "contemporary travelling, voyaging and return as fate, as destiny […] as the prototype of the modern or postmodern New World nomad, continually moving between centre and periphery” (Hall in Rutherford, J. 234:1990).

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Zeit & Ort der Veranstaltung

21.04. von 18:00 bis 21:00
Hauptgebäude, Bauteil C/Fanny Hensel-Saal
Anton-von-Webern-Platz 1
1030 Wien
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