• Any mobility activity at partner universities outside of Europe entails a stay encompassing 5 consecutive days of teaching and/or further training.
  • A minimum of 8 hours of teaching and/or further training activities must engaged in.
  • A maximum of 2 additional days for travel can be approved.
  • The activity must be carried out in accordance with Erasmus+ guidelines.
  • It is possible to engage in multiple instances of teaching mobility within a single academic year. Please note that each such activity must be applied for separately via Mobility Online.
  • International teaching mobility at partner universities outside of Europe need not necessarily be bilateral in nature. Conduct as an exchange is, however, recommended.
  • According to the Erasmus+ programme guidelines, it is possible to fund only those mobilities that are conducted on the basis of an inter-institutional agreement between the partner institutions.




  • The Erasmus+ International Teaching Staff Mobility application process consists of multiple levels and requires planning over an extended timeframe.
  • Interest is announced by the applyingteacher via Mobility Online using an online application form.
  • Approval process: following internal endorsement by the appropriate department head and approval by vice rector Johannes Meissl, the desired partner institution is informed of the application. If interest in cooperating exists on both sides, an mdw summary application in the context of Erasmus+ KA171 is submitted to the National Agency by the team of the Office for International Programme Mobilities.
  • Decision and nomination: a final decision determining whether Erasmus+ funds will be available cannot be expected before July of the following year.




Online Application: applications to conduct the proposed activity must be submitted via Mobility Online

Deadline: Applications may be submitted until 30.11.2023 (for mobilities in fall 2024; Mobilities 2023/24 only possible to a limited extent after consultation with IPM)

Further information: Application



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