Dear friends and colleagues,

The Music Therapy with Families Network and the Music Therapy Research Centre Vienna (University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna) are organising an inspiring Music Therapy Symposium in Vienna, from Friday the 23th to Sunday the 25th of September 2022.

We look forward to the possibility of connecting together in 2022, and invite you to put this event in your diary, save the date, and plan ahead to join us. 

The event is entitled: “We are Family!” and will be the first international stand-alone symposium focused on  MUSIC THERAPY WITH FAMILIES.

The focus will be on families across the age-span, from music therapy work with children and their families to practice with elderly people and their relatives. We are planning a lively programme of innovative, multidisciplinary, interactive sessions and presentations which will encourage discussion about a broad range of approaches when working with families.

This symposium was originally planned for September 2021. As it is still impossible to estimate how the current pandemic will further develop and what kind of travel restrictions will be put in place, we have finally decided to postpone for a year to September 2022. We hope this will allow many of you to come to Vienna and be part of this event!

With all good wishes,

Family Symposium Working Committee

(Grace Thompson, Amelia Oldfield, Tali Gottfried, Eva Phan Quoc,

Thomas Stegemann, Claire Flower, Rut Wallius, Agnes Burghardt-Distl)