mdw Alumni International

Over 1500 foreign students from all over the world, 165 partnerships in Europe and beyond, and instructors with superlative qualifications and top-tier careers. Of the world's uiversities, the mdw is among the world's most international - as are its alumni! 

Numerous mdw students travel from foreign countries to the cultural and musical centre of Vienna in order to study, learn, and take the stage. And numerous mdw alumni leave Austria following graduation to make their mark on the cultural landscapes of other cities and countries all over the world with the knowledge and experience they gained here. Beyond being good for the mdw, this also benefits Austria as a cultural nation.

With the development of a worldwide alumni network we would like to intensify the contact with our international alumni. We would be pleased if you would keep in touch with the mdw as friend and ambassador! Support the university with your knowledge, competencies and personal network.

Foto: Martin Moravek


Stay in touch!

Dear Alumni!

You do not live in Austria anymore and would like to stay in touch?
Become a member of mdw Alumni International!  ​

Can everyone become a member of mdw Alumni International?
If you do not live and work in Austria but wanna stay in touch with the mdw – you should become a member of mdw Alumni International. If you do live and work in Austria, please inform yourself here.

Why should I become a member?
As a member you are part of our international network and stay in touch with the mdw as well as fellow students and colleagues from your professional surroundings. mdw Alumni International is in the set up as of now – we warmly welcome everyone who would like to support us and wanna take action themself.

How much do I have to pay for a membership?
Membership with mdw Alumni International is free.

What do you offer?
- E-mail newsletter on a regular basis
- mdw magazine, four times a year and free of charge via (snail) mail
- mdw Alumni International warmly welcomes everyone who would like to support our university. We welcome your idead and participation!

I wanna be a member – but how?
Just fill in the registration form and you're part of it!