Got the diploma? What now?

After successfully completing their studies at a university of music, a lot of students wonder where to go from there. Because people who want to make money as professional musicians are forced to confront challenges and questions that they rarely had to deal with while still students.

“Where can I find a suitable job?” “How do I have to insure myself?” Or: “Am I now officially a freelancer or an entrepreneur?” These are just a few of the questions that arise.

The  new series of articles, in cooperation with the U-30 network of the Austrian Music Council (ÖMR) and the mica - music austria, is now being conceived in order to take up the most urgent themes that young graduates have to deal with, providing answers and some initial orientation.

The articles will deal in detail with themes including social insurance, taxes, pay, contracts, copyright, collecting societies, and self-management in the interest of helping mdw grads launch their professional careers.

Part 1: Overview

Part 2: Insured? Sure thing!

Part 3: Collective Rights Management

Part 4: Self-Marketing for Musicians

Part 5: Getting You Music Out There

Part 6: Onstage at Last!

Part 7: Let's Talk Money!

Part 8: Talking Business: Contracts and Fee Negotiations

Part 9: When it Gets Serious: Things to Know about Freelancing in Austria