Bewegt dich Rhythmik?

finde es heraus bei unserer Hospitationswoche vom 7. - 11. Oktober 2019!

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Teaser Rhythmik

Foto: Leopold Krenn


Das war das Dalcroze Symposium
10.-12. Mai 2019

Wanted: Émile Jaques-Dalcroze

Pianist, Composer, Improviser, Choreographer, Poet, Visionary


I feel to thanks to all of you for the wonderful experience and the kind reception during your Dalcroze symposium. I really felt myself in harmony with your Department and taughting your students.
Ten years ago, I was a visiting student at MDW for about one year. Then, I came back in 2002 as guest pianist during the Marco Stroppa workshops. After your ICDS 2015, now I lived this amazing artistic days near the Dalcroze music!
Paolo Munaò


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