LaTeX templates for theses and dissertations

We recommend LaTeX as a word processing program for our final theses (bachelor's, master's or doctoral theses), although of course any other kind of text processing is possible. LaTeX is free, as are most editors for it, and it enables you to quite easily create large structured documents with many figures, tables, formulas, and pictures, and it also generates the bibliography, list of figures, and table of contents automatically.

In order to simplify the introduction to word processing with LaTeX, we have prepared a template for a master's thesis, from which you can easily create your own work. This template generates PDF files that almost comply with the PDF/A-1a standard that mdw requires for the plagarism checking. However, some post-processing is required to convert the LaTeX output into a valid PDF/A-1a document (please read the detailed instructions in  HowToConvertToPDF.A-1a.pdf in the download area).

There are numerous online tutorials out there to help you get started with LaTeX. We also have a number of relevant books in our institute library, which you are welcome to consult.

What is LaTeX:

The LaTeX Wikibook provides a great overview (

There are installations for Windows (MikTeX), Mac (Tex Live), Linux (Tex Live).

The following free software prgramms have proven themselves as editors for your LaTeX documents: