Folk Music Lab

At the centre of this course is "folk music practice". It enables a direct artistic access to folk music(s), to traditional music styles and languages for students of all fields of study of the mdw (within the framework of focal points, modules, as a supplement to lectures and seminars in the field of folk music/ethnomusicology or also in the elective subject area).
The experiences and skills acquired in their own work, in making music, but also in the context of a reflective discussion, thus expand the students' profile with regard to their future fields of work and influence the artistic development and pedagogical work of the students.
The content of the course is variable and depends on the individual interests of the students. The main instrument can be used to gain an insight into various regional folk music styles; however, competencies can also be acquired in small group lessons on various folk music instruments which may only be encountered during the course selection.

Lending instruments of the IVE

If you need a rental instrument, you will find here a list with the available instruments, prices and payment modalities. If you would like to borrow an instrument, please reserve it in advance by e-mail: 


► Rental instruments, costs, payment

►  instruments for rent holidays summer- und winter semester,  only insurance premium

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When picking up the instrument, please bring the completed, signed loan contract and the transfer receipt with you.