Evening events


Hausball and book presentation

Thursday, 22 March 2018, 19:00-22:00
Bockkeller. 1160 Wien, Gallitzinstraße 1

Admission fee: €12 / €10 (members of the wvlw/Arge Volkstanz Wien/BAG Österreichischer Volkstanz) / €7 (pupils and students)


Music: Die Tanzgeiger (tanzgeiger.at)

Book: Nicola Benz, Woher – Warum – Wohin? Zur Quellen- und Rezeptionsgeschichte der „Alten Tänze für junge Leute von Herbert Lager und Hilde Lager-Seidl“

Dance leaders: Else Schmidt and Nicola Benz

On this evening we would like to invite you to experience and take part in a small Viennese ball which will be held in the beautiful Hall of Mirrors of the Bockkeller venue. The building was originally a genteel tavern built in 1906 in an area which was at that time a suburb of Vienna and a popular destination for days out. Today it is the seat of three institutions: the Austrian Folk Song Society, the Federal Committee for Austrian Folk Dance and the Vienna Committee for Folk Dance.

The musical performance is in the hands of the esteemed band “Die Tanzgeiger” led by Rudolf Pietsch. After the opening dance we will perform dances from Austria. We will be happy and honoured to subsequently present the third volume of the series Tanzreflexionen in the context of the symposium and this ball. The next emphasis of the ball will be some European dance forms from the anthology of Herbert Lager and Hilde Lager-Seidl Alte Tänze für junge Leute. And of course we will invite all those present to take part in the quadrille. At the end there will be a lively finale.

We wish you a pleasant evening!

Else Schmidt


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