Univ-Ass. Mag. Marko KÖLBL, PhD

(Senior Scientist)

Marko Kölbl holds a PhD in Ethnomusicology and works as a senior researcher at the Department of Folk Music Research and Ethnomusicology at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. He is specialized in music and dance of minorities and migrant communities with an interest in intersectional, queer-feminist and postcolonial perspectives. Areas of interest are death and mourning, voice, dance, and gender; ongoing field research with the Croatian minority in Burgenland, migrant communities in Vienna, specifically Afghan refugees, as well as Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Iran. His teaching covers both, theoretical approaches and musical practice. Marko Kölbl serves as chair of the ICTM Study Group of Music, Gender and Sexuality (www.ictmusic.org/music-and-gender), deputy chair of his university’s equal opportunity working group (www.mdw.ac.at/akg) and part of the isaScience leading team (www.mdw.ac.at/isa/isascience).

Contact: +43/1/711 55 4215

Publications and Lectures