Univ-Ass. Mag. Marko KÖLBL, PhD

(Research and Teaching Fellow)

Born 1986 in Vienna. Post-Doc research and teaching fellow at the Department of Folk Music Research and Ethnomusicology at the mdw. After studies in classical piano education, he wrote his PhD thesis on Burgenland-Croatian and Croatian laments (2017). Fieldwork in Austria, Croatia and Herzegovina. His teaching covers theoretical approaches and musical practice.

Main research areas: music of minorities, in particular Burgenland Croats, music and migration/refugees, voice, dance, gender and queer theory.

Marko Kölbl vice chair of the ICTM Study Group on Music and Gender
(www.ictmusic.org/music-and-gender), vice chair of the equal treatment working group of the mdw (www.mdw.ac.at/akg) and part of the leading team of isaScience (www.mdw.ac.at/isa/isascience).

Contact: +43/1/711 55 4215

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