Heinz Letuha, master piano builder

Heinz Letuha is teaching piano making at the 04 institute for keyboard studies at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna since 2010.
Since 2014 he is state guild director of the manufacturers of musical instruments in Vienna. Furthermore Heinz Letuha is certified court expert for piano, harpsichord, celesta and historical stringed keyboard instruments since 2013.
He is member of the examination board for apprenticeship and master’s certificates for piano builders. Beyond that he is founding member of the piano builders association Austria.
After his certification as master piano builder in 1993 Heinz Letuha went into business for himself. In his company „die klaviermachermeister, Letuha & Müller OG“ apprentices are trained since 1996.
Heinz Letuha absolved his apprenticeship als piano builder at Bösendorfer and worked there in the research and development department as well as in the department for computer-assisted concert instruments as piano builder and as concert technician. He absolved the professional school for woodworking and the production of musical instruments in Vienna.