Ifigenia in Tauride (Mus.F.1188)       

ComposerTraetta, Tommaso
Alternative titlesIphigenia in Tauride
Date of performance
Dating of manuscript1765
NotesThe manuscript originates from Therese Ziss’s workshop, where the combination of P87 and P88 was used in early 1765. The score was part of a group of opera scores (Gluck_F.0511, Hasse_F.0545, Hasse_F.0546) from the collection of Emperor Maximilian Franz, which were probably all written in 1765. The volumes are not bound, but consist of loose gatherings.
Number of volumes3
Coverno cover
PaperP87, P88
Copyist(s)WK60G, WK60R, WK63B
Detailed information Traetta_F.1188
LibraryBiblioteca Estense Universitaria, Modena
Library holding I-MOe Mus.F.1188
Bibliographic referenceReisinger/Riepe/Wilson 2018, p. 227
Former owner(s)1. Elector Maximilian Franz (1756–1801)