La locandiera (Mus.Hs.17840)       

ComposerSalieri, Antonio
Date of performance1773-06-08 Premiere
Dating of manuscript1773/1782
NotesSeveral pages of Salieri_17840 were inserted later, most likely due to adaptions in connection with the Viennese revival of the opera in the season 1782/83. The copyist WK73K and the paper P47 indicate this later time period: they always appear together and only on relatively few inserted pages. P47 was not used in any other manuscript examined in the P&C project and furthermore shows the letters REAL in its watermark – a way of indicating the size and weight of the paper which was used starting from 1774. There are two libretto prints one from 1773, the other from 1782. The internal textual differences are very few, however a significant one is located at the end of the first act in the recitative, right before the final ensemble. In the 1782 libretto large portions of text are left out. The score 17840 corresponds to this shortened version, the respective folios being written by WK73K on P47.
Number of volumes3
PaperP1, P3, P9, P12, P26, P39, P47, P48
Copyist(s)WK71B, WK71D, WK71H, WK73K, WK73L, WK73M, WK73N, WK74C
Detailed information Salieri_17840
LibraryÖsterreichische Nationalbibliothek, Vienna
Library holding A-Wn Mus.Hs.17840
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