La fiera di Venezia (KT.157)       

ComposerSalieri, Antonio
Date of performance-
Dating of manuscript1785
NotesPaper and copyists appearing in this score suggest that it was written around the Viennese revival of Salieri’s “La fiera di Venezia” in 1785. Two of the three papers used in the manuscript (P17 & P27) only appear in one further score examined in the P&C project: another copy of the same opera (Salieri_17838), which was adapted in connection with the revival in the mid-1780ies too. Further evidence for a later origin of the papers P17 and P27 can be found in their watermarks. They both show the letters REAL, a way of indicating the size and weight of the paper, which was used starting from 1774. The third paper used in the score (P29) does not appear in any other manuscript examined in the project. The same is the case for most of the copyists who worked on the score: of 13 writers, only two (WK71B & WK71H) can be found in earlier Viennese scores of the 1770s.
Number of volumes4
Covermonochrome paper
PaperP17, P27, P29
Copyist(s)WK71B, WK71H, WK72G, WK72H, WK72K, WK72L, WK72M, WK72N, WK72P, WK72Q, WK72U, WK72V, WK72W
Detailed information Salieri_157
LibraryÖsterreichische Nationalbibliothek, Vienna
Library holding A-Wn KT.157
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