Program as of January 7, 2019

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Look forward to inspiring key notes, a PhD-workshop, a Viennese meet & greet, engaging paper sessions, a dynamic open space, interesting study visits, and a fine conference party!


Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2019

PhD Colloquium/Doktorand*innenkolloquium

Thursday, Jan. 10, 2019

Meet the Editors

  • International Journal of Arts Management
  • International Journal of Cultural Policy
  • International Journal of Music Business Research
  • Journal of Arts Management, Law & Society
  • Journal of Cultural Management
  • Poetics

14.00  Welcome Address & Conference Opening

Welcome Address & Conference Opening @ Joseph-Haydn-Saal

* Percussion Ensemble, mdw
* Ulrike Sych, Rector
* Gerda Müller, Vice-Rector
* Dagmar Abfalter, Katharina Pfennigstorf, Sandra Stini, Organizers
* Agnes Hvizdalek, Vocal Musician

14:45 – 15:45
Keynote: Michael Duscher - Power to the People? Participation as Practice in St. Pölten’s Application as European Capital of Culture 2024

15:45 – 16:15
Coffee Break

16:15 – 17:15
Keynote: Helen Marriage - Imagination Sets You Free

17:15 – 18:00
Round Table: “Arts & Citizenship”
M. Duscher, V. Kaup-Hasler
(Executive City Councillor for Cultural Affairs and Science), H. Marriage (moderation: Monika Mokre)

* Renald Deppe, Enabler

18:00 – 20:00
Meet & Greet


Friday, Jan. 11, 2019

Session 1: Crowdfunding and Co-creation as Active Citizenship (e)

* Fazlinda Md Fadzil: Online Crowdfunding and the Exercise of Civil Society - The Case of Crowdfunded Theatre Projects in the UK
* Holst, Christian: Cultural Branding and Co-Creation
* Wolf Perez, Edith: Community Dance - A Strong Case for the Arts?

Session 2: Diversität als Herausforderung für Kulturinstitutionen (Diversity as a Challenge for Cultural Institutions) (g)

* Knubben, Thomas: Partizipation, Diversität und Governance - Potenziale und Grenzen von Kultur-genossenschaften in aktuellen (kultur-)politischen Transformationsprozessen
* Knava, Irene: Diversität wirksam umsetzen und im Zeitablauf evaluieren: Kulturelles Wirkungsmanagement als neues Instrument für Kulturbetriebe
* Wolf, Karin: Kulturmanagement an der Schnittstelle von Stadtentwicklung und Kulturvermittlung

Session 3: Managing Diversity: The Case of Music (e)

* Gaupp, Lisa: Beyond Diversity - The Politics of Popular Music Cultures
* Whitmore, Aleysia K.: Between Nations and Identities: Fostering World Music in France
* Komatović, Tamara: World Music - Bridging the Gap or Diminishing Diversity?

Workshop 1: Cultural Volunteering (e)
Kay, Sue / Birnkraut, Gesa:
Time to Change the Tune? Cultural Volunteering as (an unacknowledged form of) Cultural Participation


Friday, Jan. 11, 2019

Session 4: Cultural Management and City Development (e)

* Annoff, Michael: Unequal Insiders: An Ethnographic Perspective On Diversity Work as Urban and Artistic Citizenship
* Garrett-Petts, Will/Karsten, Sharon: Artistic-led Cultural Mapping. A Catalyst for the Re-imagination, and Re-formation, of Municipal Power Hierarchies
* Kirchberg, Volker/Peper, Robert: Power and Potential of Artistic and Cultural Organizations in a Sustainable Urban Development – a Network Analysis

Session 5: Artistic Citizenship and Artists‘ Practices (e)
* Stuckey, Lisa: Artist-as-Detective
* Wallenböck, Gudrun: The Challenges of Intercultural Arts Management and Curation
* Ana Čorić: From Artistic Citizenship to the Civic Mission of Music Academy: A Croatian Perspective

Workshop 2: Game creation
Mers, Adelheid/Pilgrim, Hanne: For an Art of Emigration (e/g)

Paper Presentation & Film Screening:
Kelly, Natasha A.: „Milli‘s Awakening“: Black Women, Art and Resistance (e)

Open Space -
How do you do... diversity?


Study Trips - Experience Vienna's diverse arts scene

guided tour Kunsthalle Wien exhibition

Conference Party, Kunsthalle Wien Lounge

Saturday, Jan. 12, 2019

Session 6: Cultural Management in the Migration Society

* van den Berg, Karen: Help! Help! - Artistic approaches in civil society refugee work
* Mandel, Birgit/Burghardt, Charlotte: Migration as a main Trigger for Change Management in the German Public Theatre System. Results?
* Henze, Raphaela: The Master‘s Tool will never Dismantle the Master‘s House

Workshop 3: Artistic Research
Poscharnig, Julia K./Bartar, Pamela M.: Re-Modeling Impulses for Social Inclusion in Artistic Research

Round Table: Corporate Citizenship (moderation: Annemarie Türk)

  • Stefan Janke, Kathrein Privatbank
  • Volkmar Klien, Composer/Artist, Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität
  • Gabriele Schor, Director Sammlung Verbund
  • Christian Steinmayr, Steinmayr & Co Insurance Brokers GmbH


Saturday, Jan. 12, 2019

Session 7: Citizenship, Governance and Politics (e)

* Habersam, Michael/Piber, Martin: The Evaluation of European Capitals of Culture. A Critical View on Evaluation Regimes, Citizenship and some Prolegomena to Future Evaluation Frameworks
* Schad, Anke: Arts, Citizenship and Diversity of Expressions - between Normative Claims and Real Political Problems
* Löseke, Anette: Shifting Politics, Shifting Museological Contexts. From Audiences to Stakeholders to Citizens

Session 8: Cultural Management Research Discourses and Practices (e/g)

* Allmanritter, Vera/Blübaum, Dirk: Soziale Millieus innerhalb der Besucherschaft von Kulturangeboten - Grundlagenforschung als Basis für Kulturpolitik und Kulturmanagement
* Tröndle, Martin: Nicht-Besucherforschung: Quantitative und qualitative Analysen eines unbekannten Wesens

Workshop 4: Cultural Management Curricula (e)
Zierold, Martin: Peer to Peer Workshop on Higher Education Teaching: Creating Learning Spaces to foster a “Reflective Practitioner Mindset”
co-hosted by Sue Kay and Johan Kolsteeg





General Assembly Fachverband Kulturmanagement


Study Trips - Experience Vienna's diverse arts scene