Michael Stephanides

Vicedean of instrumental studies;
Teacher at the university of music and performing arts in vienna; organist and chambermusician;
born in 1953 in vienna.
Finished examinations at the Vienna university of music and performing arts: Diploma for organ in 1979, studied in the masterclass of Rudolf Scholz. Teachersdiploma for organ und piano; all examinations with distinction; honoured by awards of the austrian departement for education, science and culture; Mag.art. in 1985.
Finished examinations at the university of vienna: Musicology and history of arts; Dr.Phil. in 1982.
Dissertation : Wenzel Birck(Pürk), life and work of a musician at the viennese court in the classical period.
Teacher at several austrian universities of music and performing arts, since 1987 at the Vienna university of music and performing arts: Musictheory, basso continuo, fullscore- and primefacereading, improvisation, accompaniment with piano, organ and harpsichord, organ for pianists and harpsichordplayers.
„Diploma”-award for the 4th place of the 2nd International Anton Bruckner-Competition in Linz/Austria in 1978.
Concert appearances as a soloist, chambermusician and accompanist; since 1975 all over Europe in several festivals: Wiener Festwochen, Steirischer Herbst, etc.
Accompanist of important orchestras and famous conducters: Bernstein, Previn, Pretre, Penderecki, Hager, Hollreiser; Vienna symphonicorchestra, ORF-symphonicorchestra, philharmonicorchestra of Moscow.
Numerous premiers of contemporary composers, including compositions, arrangements and improvisations by Michael Stephanides.
TV- and radioproductions, recorders and CD-recordings.
Scientific essays in several periodicals; lectures and seminars; reviews about literature of music, new editions and several musical events.

Stephanides Portrait