Born in Vienna 1951, schooling until matura in Vienna, teaching certificate at the School of Music, Vienna (music education and instrumental music education); 1978 teaching certificate in Violin and Recorder, study of geography and economics (no degree taken); teacher at BG&BRG 21 (Franklinstrasse 26), and at the School of Music, Perchtoldsdorf bei Vienna.
Since 1981 scholarly and pedagogical work as assistant at the Institute of Folk Music Research (since 2002: Institute for Folk Music Research and Ethnomusicology) at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna, 1991 doctorate in musicology with dissertation on emigrated Burgenlanders in the USA.

Leader of the violin ensemble Die Tanzgeiger and Heanzenquartett. Countless performances as musician both in Austria and abroad, as well as record, television, and radio recordings. For over 30 years, the leader and referee for folk music courses for the development of the arts. Many publication on folk music.
As an official, he retired from 1.12.2016.