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Mentoring programme for pre- and postdocs at the mdw (women, inter* and non-binary persons)

The mdw invites pre- and postdoc researchers to participate in a four-month mentoring programme. In light of the fact that academic life continues to be characterised by structural gender inequalities that can be seen in the underrepresentation of women, inter* and non-binary persons as professors, this programme is designed as a concrete measure to help counteract such unequal treatment over the course of one’s academic career.


What is the mdw mentoring programme?

This mdw mentoring programme is a several-month career development programme for researchers at the mdw – University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna that aims to provide support to women, inter* and non-binary individuals in the strategic planning of their academic careers.

The programme is built upon the following elements:

  • It makes available the expertise of mentors who are renowned in the international university context.
  • It encourages networking and peer mentoring as central programme elements.
  • It views the promotion of women in the context of diversity and intersectionality.

The mdw mentoring programme makes it possible to...

  • develop a roadmap for one’s academic career path
  • plan concrete next steps in one’s career
  • establish and develop contacts and academic networks
  • critically discuss overall structural conditions and one’s positioning therein
  • analyse mechanisms of power as well as gender relations in academic life and join forces to point out strategies of action
  • acquire skills for the realisation of one’s professional goals



The mdw Mentoring Programme is composed of four elements: a skills training, one-to-one mentoring, coaching and the peer group. The three skills training modules represent a significant component of this mentoring programme. They serve to convey knowledge on career-relevant topics, to analyse the overall academic working environment, to expand upon and hone soft skills, and to reflect as a peer group on the content covered. The project of developing a personal roadmap for one’s academic career accompanies the mentees through all three modules with corresponding focuses on various skill sets. Furthermore, participants can take advantage of up to two coaching appointments with academic coaches.

The detailed programme of the mdw mentoring programme (in German) you find here.

The Mentees of Reach higher, reach beyond.

The Mentors of Reach higher, reach beyond.

The Trainers of Reach higher, reach beyond.


A programme within the framework of the mdw Diversity Strategy, initiated by the Administrative Department for Equality, Gender Studies & Diversity in cooperation with the Office of Research Support and the Center for Further Education (ZfW).



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