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ORFEU  Journal: Spezialausgabe zu Musikphysiologie und Musikpädagogik

Das ORFEU Journal (Brasilien) ruft Forschende zur Einreichung von Beiträgen aus dem Bereich Musikpsychologie und Musikpädagogik auf. Kontakt: Dr. Luciana Hamond (Invited Editor, UDESC, Brazil) bzw. Professor Graham Welch (Invited Editor, UCL-Institute of Education, UK), revistaorfeu@gmail.com.

Ende der Enreichfrist 18. Februar 2018

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Artists as Citizens - 2018 Reflective Conservatoire Conference

Guildhall School, 20 - 23 February 2018

Economic, social and political landscapes are transforming in unparalleled ways across the globe. However bewildering this may be, one thing is certain: we are living in a time where artists and the arts must realise their potential more fully as leaders in society. The power of the arts is long established in history, but in contemporary times the disciplines of music and theatre have in many contexts drifted to the margins. Re-establishing them as a central part of society requires activism, renewed commitment to artistic values and practices. Equally it requires new visions, creativity and flexibility from artists and arts organisations to respond dynamically to both local contexts and global issues.

The 2018 Reflective Conservatoire Conference will consider how artists, arts organisations, and specialist higher education in the performing arts in particular, can and are already engaging with artistic citizenship within contemporary societies.

What are the possibilities for practitioners individually and collectively? How is specialist higher education changing in response to this agenda; what are the implications and opportunities for organisational development and leadership?

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"The Power of Musical Networks"
Orpheus Seminar 2018

Ghent 21 - 22 February 2018

The aim of the Seminar is to find examples of the use of Network models/principles/theories that bridge the potential gap between the Scientific Disciplines dealing with Network Theory and the creative artistic world using them.
Some questions proposals could address are:

  • Has our understanding, experience and critical discourse of music evolved to keep pace with technological models?
  • Where do the boundaries between network as structure and metaphor lie? Are they porous?
  • How does the use of networks as technologies impact on our imagining, our conceiving of music? Which of the many new affordances find most resonance?
  • What is the explanatory or creative potential of network in non-technological or non-contemporary music?

more Information and CfP (Deadline 20 December 2017)



5. Tagung "Digital Humanities im deutschsprachigen Raum"

Universität zu Köln, 26. Februar - 2. März 2018

Die Tagung soll den Fokus auf die kritische Dimension digitaler Forschung richten und damit Denkanstöße zu Theoriebildung und Epistemologie der digitalen Forschung geben. In diesem Rahmen sollen auch gesellschaftliche, soziale und politische Dimensionen der in allen Bereichen wirksamen Digitalisierungsprozesse unter so heterogenen Begriffen wie Interaktionsformen, Partizipation, Bildung, Digital Literacy sowie Auswirkungen und Rückwirkungen der Digitalität auf Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft diskutiert werden.

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zum Call for Papers (Ende der Einreichfrist 18.9.2017)



Re/boot: Widerständigkeiten und Solidaritäten (neu) performen

Vortragsreihe an der Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien 2018/19

Die Vortragsreihe "Kunst - Forschung - Geschlecht", die von der Abteilung für Genderangelegenheiten der Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien organisiert wird, widmet sich im Studienjahr 2018/19 dem oben genannten Thema.

mehr Information und CfP (Deadline 11. März 2018)



Play  - A Common Ground for Artistic Research and Teaching the Arts

EPARM Conference 2018

Porto 22 - 24 March 2018

the sixth EPARM conference welcomes music researchers, educators and/or performers to a three day exploration of the bonds between artistic research and higher music education.

EPARM 2018 will consider cases in which there is a manifest relation between artistic research an dhigher music education - in particular examples here such a relation is not only present but is properly documented and shared as good practice.

more Information and CfP (Deadline 10 January 2018)



Music  and Gender in Balance

5 - 6 April 2018
Conferece in Tromsø

Keynote Speakers:
Victoria Armstrong (St Mary's University, Twickenham, London),
Cecilia Björck (University of Gothenburg),
Astrid Kvalbein (University of Oslo)

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9th SAR International Conference on Artistic Research

11 - 13 April 2018
University of Plymouth

The provocation Artistic Research Will Eat Itself can be understood as a warning against the dangers of methodological introspection, or as a playful invitation to explore the possibilities of a field in a constant state of becoming. In this context, the ‘cannibalism’ of artistic research ‘eating itself’ embodies a dynamic tension between self-destruction and regeneration.

If artistic research eats itself, digests itself and then releases its own waste, does it stink and linger, fertilise new growth or invade new destinations on the bottom of someone’s shoe? If we are to constantly defend and define, are we in danger of having no art left, only the claims for its ability to embody knowledge? When we bite off our own heads do we grow new tails?

Critical perspectives on the discourse surrounding artistic research might be argued to already be too formulaic or self-defeating. Making a case for its own institutional legitimacy could unwittingly reinforce some of the very things artistic research aims to critique. Yet such onto-epistemological paradoxes can offer a rich territory for exploration along with generative practices that involve reflexivity, automorphogenesis, and recursive feedback loops. In recognising auto-cannibalism as an analogy for broader socio-political and environmental concerns, one of the challenges for artistic research is to respond imaginatively to the dynamic tensions between self-destruction and regeneration.

The Call for Papers is open until January 15th 2018

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Together  in Music: Expression, Performance and Communication in Ensembles

12 - 14. April 2018

Conference in York at the National Centre for Early Music

Music ensembles can be experienced, investigated and understood from multiple perspectives. Whilst communication and reception by performers and audience members lie at the heart of this, many other elements play a part, including perception, socio-cultural factors, coordination, digital technologies and environment. This conference aims to bring together music performers, academics, and teachers and offer an interdisciplinary perspective on ensemble performance including theory and practice. Disciplines may include among others music education, music performance, psychology, sociology, ethnomusicology, acoustics, aesthetics, computer science, audio engineering, and music technology.

The conference may include spoken presentations, poster sessions, workshops and performance demonstrations.

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Orpheus  Doctoral Conference 2018

Ghent 18-19 April 2018

As part of the docARTES curriculum, our students are given the opportunity to organise a small-scale conference to take place at the Orpheus Institute, usually during the last docARTES session of the season (May).

Doctoral students worldwide are encouraged to submit proposals through an open Call for Papers. The conference itself serves to deepen and broaden specific research topics linked to the students’ practice, to disseminate recent findings, to keep track of developments in specific research fields, and to build and maintain a network of peers.

more Information and CfP (Deadline 20 December 2017)



re:publica 18 - Let there be POP!

Berlin 2 - 4 May 2018

Participation, sharing and passing on knowledge has been an essential component of the re:publica. You are a part of the greater whole: as an actively discussing and debating audience, as helpers and, above all: as speakers!

We curate a good third of re:publica’s remarkable programme out of your submissions from the Call for Participation. The re:publica is only as good and exciting as your contributions. So it’s not without reason that our event has grown into Europe’s most colourful, inspiring and wildest conference on digital society over the last ten years.

more Information and CfP (Deadline 14th January 2018)



Zwischen  Welten - Hanns Eisler und die Umbruchjahre 1918-38-48 /
In-Between Worlds - Hanns Eisler and the years of upheaval 1918-38-48

Symposium an der mdw, 1. - 3. Juni 2018

Internationale Tagung an der mdw - Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien
Den 120. Geburtstag Hanns Eislers 2018 nimmt die Tagung zum Anlass, ausgehend von drei weiteren, zeitgeschichtlich bedeutsamen und für den Komponisten auch persönlich einschneidenden „8er-Jahren“ künstlerisch-biografische Um- und Aufbrüche zu thematisieren.

Tagungssprachen sind Deutsch und Englisch

Ende der Einreichfrist/Deadline for Submission Call for Papers: 31. Oktober 2017

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Geneva 3 - 5 June 2018

The Second International Citizen Science Conference will be focusing on the citizen. Why do citizens collaborate? What is their motivation to volunteer? Do they develop a deeper interest and engagement in science? Do they have suggestions for improving collaborations? These and other questions will be at the heart of the conference.

more Information and CfP (Deadline 10 January 2018)



Digital  Humanities : Spatial Perspectives

Universität Salzburg 3. - 6. Juni 2018

Das internationale Symposium GI-forum 2018 findet an der Universität Salzburg am 3.-6. Juni 2018 statt. Der CfP richtet sich insbesondere an Nachwuchswissenschaftlerinnen und -wissenschaftler im Bereich Digital Humanities.

mehr Information und CfP (Deadline 1. Februar 2018)



"Cognitive  Futures in the Arts and Humanities 2018"

University of Kent 1 - 4 July 2018

Building on the conferences associated with the network Cognitive Futures in the Humanities in Bangor (2013), Durham (2014) and Oxford (2015), Helsinki (2016) and Stony Brook (2017) the 2018 conference aims once again to bring together a wide array of papers from the cognitive sciences, philosophy, literary studies, linguistics, cultural studies, critical theory, film, performance, theatre and dance studies, the visual and sonic arts, musicology and beyond. In accordance with the original purpose of the network, the aims of the conference are:

-to evolve new knowledge and practices for the analysis of culture and cultural objects, through engagement with the cognitive sciences;

-to assess how concepts from the cognitive sciences can in turn be approached using the analytical tools of humanities enquiry (historical, theoretical, contextual);

-to contest the nature/culture opposition whose legacy can be identified with the traditional and ongoing segregation of scientific and aesthetic knowledge.

The CfP is open until 30 November 2017

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Performance  Studies Network

Fifth International Conference in Oslo 5. - 8. Juli 2018

The fifth international conference of the Performance Studies Network will be held at the Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo. This is the first PSN conference to be held outside the United Kingdom and marks an important development in its international status as a key event for those working in this dynamic area of musical study.

The Norwegian Academy of Music is delighted to welcome specialists in performance studies from across the globe to the culturally vibrant Norwegian capital of Oslo and to its campus dedicated to supporting artistic development and research in music. The conference Programme Committee is developing an event designed to reflect the core themes of PSN while also showcasing how performance studies are approached and undertaken in the Nordic countries.

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ICTM  Joint Symposium of the Study Group on Music and Minorities and the Study Group on Music and Gender

22 - 31 July 2018

For the third time in the history of the International Council for Traditional Music, two study groups, Music and Gender and Music and Minorities, organize a joint symposium. Each study group features three main themes and one topic of common interest, elaborated by two distinct program committees. The conference will feature panels, individual paper submissions, and innovative formats expoloring the broader themes of music, gender, sexuality and minorities.

Deadline for the two Calls for Papers 30 November 2017

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Best Publication Award Gender & Medien 2018

Um laufende Forschungsarbeiten aus dem Bereich der Gender Media Studies hervorzuheben und zu fördern, hat die AG Gender/Queer Studies und Medienwissenschaft der Gesellschaft für Medienwissenschaft den „Best Publication Award Gender & Medien“ ins Leben gerufen, der 2010 erstmals verliehen wurde.

Zu den inhaltlichen Kriterien der Auszeichnung zählen die Reflexion der eigenen Position im Feld von Gender und Medien, ein innovativer Forschungsansatz sowie ein klarer theoretisch-konzeptueller Umgang mit der behandelten Thematik und dem analysierten Material.

Die Ausschreibung richtet sich insbesondere an den wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchs auffordern, Texte einzureichen. Neben Artikeln in Sammelbänden und Zeitschriften können auch Essays und andere Textformen eingereicht werden. Ausgeschlossen sind Monografien, Qualifikationsschriften, ganze Sammelbände und einzelne Zeitschriftenausgaben. Texte können in deutscher oder englischer Sprache eingereicht oder vorgeschlagen werden, wenn sie im Jahr 2016/17/18 (01.07.16 bis 01.07.18) publiziert wurden. In Druck befindliche oder vor Juli 2016 publizierte Texte können nicht berücksichtigt werden. Ebenso werden Zweiteinreichungen nicht berücksichtigt. Pro Person darf nur eine Publikation eingereicht oder vorgeschlagen werden. Bei mehrfacher Autor_innenschaft gilt jede_r Autor_in als Einreicher_in.

Ende der Einreichfrist 31. Juli 2018

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ÖAW-Preisfrage: "Ist gesellschaftliche Relevanz von Forschung bewertbar und wenn ja, wie?"

Die gesellschaftliche Relevanz von Wissenschaft und Forschung, sei es als “Science for and with Society“, „Open Science“, „Citizen Science“, „Responsible Science“, ist heute in aller Munde. Nach welchen Kriterien und in welcher Art diese Relevanz messbar sein kann, muss jedoch Gegenstand vertiefter Diskussion sein.

Die Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften schreibt daher einen Preis für die drei besten Antworten auf die Frage

„Ist gesellschaftliche Relevanz von Forschung bewertbar und wenn ja, wie?


Ende der Einreichfrist 31. August 2018

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"Doctors  in Performance", Third Festival Conference on music performance and artistic research

Vilnius 4-6 September 2018

Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre invites artistic research performers at doctoral and post-doctoral levels to take part in "Doctors in Performance".

The purpose of the conference is to bring together doctoral candidates and post-doctoral researchers working in the fields of musical performance and practice-based or artistic research in music. "Doctors in Performance" places the emphasis on the music itself with the majority of presentations consisting pricipally of a musical performance in the form of a recital or a lecture recital related to the research. shorter paper presentations on relevant fields of artistic research are also welcome.

more information and CfP (Deadline 1 April 2018)



"Perspectives  on Historically Informed Practices in Music"

University of Oxford 10 - 12 September 2018

Transforming Nineteenth Century Historically Informed Practice (TCHIP) will host an international conference on Perspectives on Historically Informed Practices in Music at the Faculty of Music, University of Oxford from Monday 10th September to Wednesday 12th September. 

Historical Performance scholarship is enjoying something of a revitalization; new methods, research into music of the 20th Century, greater integration with performers and the music industry, and interdisciplinary approaches are just some of the influences currently broadening the field. Perspectives on Historically Informed Practices in Music aims to bring together scholars and performer/scholars researching performance in the long 19th, and the 20th-centuries and will explore current research foci and possible future developments in historical performance research.

more Information and CfP (Deadline 12 January 2018)



9th  Vienna Music Business Research Days

12 - 14 September 2018

Music Business Research is an interdiscipline at the intersection of economic, artistic, cultural, social, legal, technological and further developments which contribute to the creation/production, dissemination/distribution and reception/consumption of music. This interdisciplinary nature calls for methodological multiplicity and is open to scholars from all scientific areas. The conference organizers invite scholars (from the postdoctoral level on) who have a research focus on music business/industry related topics to submit a paper proposal for the conference day on September 13, 2018.

Scholarly submissions on this year’s conference theme “Music Life is live” or other aspects of music business research are welcomed.

The Young Scholars’ Workshop, as part of the 9th Vienna Music Business Research Days (Vienna, Austria), invites once again young researchers to submit paper abstracts of all disciplines exploring questions that help  understand economic and managerial problems as well as processes of the music business sector and in the field of music management.

more information and CfP (Deadline 9th April 2018)



Difference, Diversity, Diffraction: Confronting Hegemonies and Dispossessions.

10th European Feminist Research Conference

12 - 15 September 2018
Georg-August-University Göttingen

The overall theme of the conference is “Difference, Diversity, Diffraction: Confronting Hegemonies and Dispossessions”, which refers to a topic central to Gender Studies: the social construction of difference and inequality on the one hand, and the recognition of marginalised experiences and subject positions on the other. In the face of growing right-wing populist movements, anti-feminist and anti-queer backlash, forced migration, austerity and climate change, these concerns take on renewed relevance. The subtitle ‘Confronting Hegemonies and Dispossessions’ is a call to reflect on, challenge and defy the hierarchies, subjugations and deprivations that are linked to structural differentiations and to find affirmative ways of dealing with diversity, difference and diffraction. The conference is committed to promoting a feminist anti- racist accessible space for all genders.

more Information and CfP (Deadline 26 January 2018)



16. Arbeitstagung der "Konferenz der Einrichtungen für Frauen- und Geschlechterstudien im deutschsprachigen Raum (KEG)"

26. - 27. September 2018
mdw, 1030, Anton-von-Webern-Platz 1

Die Arbeitstagung der "Konferenz der Einrichtungen für Frauen- und Geschlechterstudien im deutschsprachigen Raum (KEG)" findet im Vorfeld der Jahrestagung der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Geschlechterforschung (ÖGGF) statt und bietet wieder die Möglichkeit, inhaltliche und hochschulpolitisch brisante Entwicklungen in den Gender Studies mit Fachkolleg_innen zu erörtern. Anhaltendes Grundanliegen der KEG ist der qualifizierte Erfahrungsaustausch zwischen den institutionalisierten Einrichtungen im deutschsprachigen Raum. Er soll zur diagnostischen Sicht auf Trends und Fallen der Hochschulentwicklung verhelfen und dazu beitragen, Formen und Strategien der Institutionalisierung zu reflektieren und weiter zu entwickeln.

Initiativen zur Ausgestaltung der Arbeitsgruppen sowie Vorschläge für kreative Formate und Präsentationsformen sind herzlich willkommen.

mehr Information und CfP (Deadline 15. April 2018)



Wissenskulturen  und Diversität. Positionen, Diffraktionen, Partizipationen

6. ÖGGF Jahrestagung 2018, 27. - 29. September 2018
Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien

Angesichts der zunehmenden gesellschaftlichen Komplexitätssteigerung thematisiert die 6. Jahrestagung der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Geschlechterforschung (ÖGGF) die epistemischen Grundlagen unterschiedlicher Wissens- und Wissenschaftskulturen. Wie fungiert eine Geopolitik des Wissens (Mignolo), wenn Wissen als Grundlage und Ressource "unseres" Zusammenlebens gedacht wird?

Die Tagung fragt dementsprechend, was - von wem - als Wissen und Nichtwissen begriffen wird und in welchem Verhältnis der Begriff Diversität und die Ansprüche, die durch ihn laut werden, zu Hierarchien des Wissens und zu Wissensgenerierungsprozessen stehen. Wie entscheiden Diversitätskategorien über Ein- und Ausschlüsse von Akteur_innen, Themen sowie Methodologien? Wie bestimmen sie Denkkulturen und Praxen? Und nicht zuletzt, wie steht es um die Un/Möglichkeiten, miteinander in Beziehung zu treten?

mehr Information und CfP (Deadline 5. März 2018)



Paare  und Partnerschaftskonzepte in der Musikkultur des 19. Jahrhunderts

Interdisziplinäres Symposium an der mdw

4. - 6. Oktober 2018

Das DFG-Forschungsprojekt setzt sich mit möglichem öffentlich-professionellen Handeln von Paaren in der Musikkultur des 19. Jahrhunderts und den mit ihnen einhergehenden Aushandlungen von Partnerschaftsmodellen im direkten Austausch mit musikkulturellen Phänomenen auseinander.

Ausgehend von drei Schwerpunkten sind Wissenschafter_innen eingeladen, Vorschläge für ein ca. 25minütiges Referati zu skizzieren oder sich für eine Posterpräsentation zu bewerben.

mehr Information und CfP (Deadline 30. März 2018)



Internationales  Schönberg-Symposium

11. - 13. Oktober 2018

Das Arnold Schönberg Center in Wien veranstaltet in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Wissenschaftszentrum Arnold Schönberg und der Wiener Schule am IMI ein internationales Symposium.

Willkommen sind Referate zu allen aktuellen Fragen der Schönberg-Forschung.

mehr Information und CfP (Deadline 4. März 2018)



Alliances  & Commonalities

Conference for artists, researchers, scholars and educators in the research field of Artistic Practice
Stockholm, 25 - 27 October 2018

The Stockholm University of the Arts invites you to join us in exposing and experiencing the ideas, actions and articulations currently at work, and at play, in Artistic Research.

Inviting research from across disciplines, aesthetics and modes of practice, the conference focus is onte ways, means an dplaces in which we meet - the shared materials, the common practices, the artistic alliances, the creative commonalities.

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Resilience  and the City. Art, Education, Urbanism.

15th ELIA Biennial Conference

Rotterdam, 21 - 24 November 2018

With the city of Rotterdam as its backdrop, the Conference sets out to examine how art, design and performance can play a vital role in building resilience, especially in the urban context.

In what ways can artists and urban planners collaborate to create alternative cultural and social habitats, which promote common practices and different forms of living together? How do you see the role of arts and arts education in improving creativity and 21st-century skills?

It is an excellent opportunity to present your research on a topic that is of the utmost relevance to the future of arts education. Colleagues from all artistic principles are invited to contribute. The audience of the Biennial Conference comprises 500 lecturers, thinkers, artists, leaders and students from arts education institutions.

more Information and CfP (Deadline 18 December 2017)