Start of the Concert Series "High Class I" Musikverein

Beyond Talent - Best of mdw Artists

Photocollage der Künstler, Künstlerinnen, die beim Beyond Talent Konzert spielenAureum Saxophonquartett(c)aureumsaxophone; Elisabeth Waglechner(c)privat, Milan Al-Ashhab(c)Ilona Sochorovà; Bernhard Bittermann(c)Martin_Lobenschuss

Tuesday, 29.10.2019, 8.p.m.
Musikverein, Gläserner Saal/Magna Auditorium

Aureum Saxophonquartett
Milan Al-Ashhab, Violin
Bernhard Bittermann, Trumpet
Wolfgang Nagl, Percussion
Elisabeth Waglechner, Piano

Works by Modest Mussorgsky, Edvard Grieg, Claude Debussy, Franz Waxman, Philippe Geiss, Ludwig Zandt, Vladimir Peskin and Sergej Prokofjew

In cooperation with Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde in Wien



New "mdw Artists" Portrait

Marta Gardolińska, conductor


The artists platform of the Career Center, mdw Artists, presents the young conductor  Marta Gardolińska. The youtube video was created in cooperation with the Audio-Video-Zentrum of the mdw. The platform is aimed at artist agencies, concert organizers and media. Particularly talented mdw students and graduates are presented with a video, audio files and other artist materials.


Bild aus mdw Artists Videoportrait Stefan Hadzic auf der Bühne   


The Career Center Workshop series 2019/2020 starts soon!

Fit for the Market - Positioning and Strategy for the Music Market

This one-day workshop is dedicated to developing your personal strategy for the music market. Starting from the current situation, you will work out your artistic and music pedagogical competitive advantages and goals. You will learn the basics of market communication and define your marketing goals and target groups.

In the subsequent 60-minute individual coaching, we develop your personal communication strategy in line with your target groups and goals.

with Lorenz Huber MA

Date and Place:
15.10.2019 (group session), 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
18.10.2019 (individual coachings), from 10 a.m.
Anton von Webern Platz 1, Room S 02 32

Participants: max. 12 (group session), max. 8 (individual coachings)

Registration through LV number: 068020
or by Email:

(15.Oct. 0,5 ECTS, + individual coaching on 18.Oct. 0,6 ECTS)