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Welcome to the Research Phase

Fieldwork, Summer School, and Conferences



Photos by Stephan Polzer

This issue focuses on the latest activities of individual sdp members. In the ongoing research phase some of the doctoral students are involved with fieldwork, such as Tianyu Jiang, currently in Shanghai, whose dissertation project circles around underground queer-feminist musicking in China. Another important aspect of this phase includes discussing the own work with peers. Isabel Frey will participate as a fellow at the Generation J Yiddish Youth Camp that encourages collaborative learning, and Sophie Zehetmayer will give a lecture titled "Counting Gestures. On Measure and Movement in Rhythm" at the symposium "Naming, Understanding, and Playing with Metaphors in Music", that will take place virtually on April 29-30, 2022. The symposium, organized by the UCLA PEER Lab & Durham University Music Department investigates “how musical metaphor works as a resource of understanding—how it shapes the ways in which we perceive and comprehend not only music and sound, but one another and the world.” 

Juan Escobar Campos has co-organized the summer school Diversity in Arts, Culture and Media Studies that aims to provide a safe space for the discussion of issues encountered during the research process. Further, it promotes the exchange of experiences and best practices, the discussion of different strategies and methodologies for approaching diversity in the arts and cultural studies, and an intercultural and interdisciplinary dialogue between early-career and senior researchers. The summer school is a cooperation of the Erasmus School of History Culture and Communication, the Erasmus Graduate School of Social Sciences Rotterdam, and the Structured Doctoral Programme of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and will take place from June 2-3 2022.

Finally, and with some delay, we would gladly like to share with you Isabel Frey’s review of the book Sounding Jewish in Berlin: klezmer music and the contemporary city by Phil Alexander for Ethnomusicology Forum that was already published in December 2021.

We would be pleased if we could raise your interest.



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