mdw structured doctoral programme


We' ve been busy over the summer!

Now the sdp "Music Matters" is back with some great news:


1. We are excited to announce our lecture series "Together Alone. Musical Practices between Collectivity and Individuation" for the upcoming winter semester.

Current social transformations and their effects on collective and individual aspects of musical practices will be addressed. The interconnectedness of global actors has fostered the emergence of new collectives and reconfigured conventional understandings of identities. Meanwhile, the ubiquity of the digital has made the creation and consumption of music an increasingly individual and fragmented experience. Drawing on interdisciplinary perspectives, this series contributes to a contemporary diagnosis of musical matters at the intersection of materialities, practices, and knowings.

Participation will also be possible online via zoom.



2. PhD candidate Isabel Frey has been in Tel Aviv this summer and here is a short report on her stay:

“I spent the entire month of July in Tel Aviv studying Yiddish language and culture at the Naomi Prawer Kadar International Yiddish Summer Program through a generous scholarship by the Rothschild Foundation Hanadiv Europe. Despite the strict entry regulations by the Israeli government I managed to obtain a student visa and enter the country. The program was an intensive four-week language and culture course with Yiddish grammar and literature classes in the morning and conversation classes, lectures and cultural activities in the afternoon. As I was placed in the advanced class, I was able to significantly improve my Yiddish, especially my spoken Yiddish, which is not so easy as there are few secular Yiddish speakers who are fluent. I also got an opportunity to present my dissertation project on the voice in Yiddish folksong in the graduate student forum and receive feedback from senior Yiddish professors. The weekly lecture series about Yiddish theory helped me to also situate my research better within Yiddish studies. I mostly spent my free time outside the program exploring Tel Aviv more, especially the small and subcultural Yiddish scene. From Yiddish cultural organizers I learnt more about the peculiar role that Yiddish culture plays in Israel today, something that is important for me to understand in my doctoral research. Aside from the classes and the fieldwork I also got the opportunity to perform Yiddish songs myself hrough a concert at the Willy Brandt Center in Jerusalem. I hope I will be able to return again soon and explore this fascinating subculture more.”


3. We are looking forward to our Team Building Autumn School in Tyrol.

The Autumn School offers us a total of two days to finally be able to meet all of us together in person, something that unfortunately came far too short in the first year of sdp for well-known reasons. We hope that we can get to know each other better and grow together even more as a team, but also to reflect the first year of the sdp before we start into the next semester.



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