Spezifischer Lehrgang Elemental Music Making in Practice and Theory

Der International Course of Elemental Music Making in Practice and Theory (EMp) findet auf Englisch statt.


Elemental Music Making is the artistic form of music making specific to Elemental Music Education. It seeks to provide essential and diverse musical experiences for all age groups, from toddlers to seniors, and on all musical levels.

Elemental Music Making draws upon the relationships and interactions between music, language, movement and sound visualisation. It facilitates diverse ways of artistic expression and musical creation.

International Course EMpFoto: ©Thomas Weichselbaum

The International Course addresses musicians, music pedagogues and pedagogues with a strong musical interest and background who want to qualify in Elemental Music Making and its pedagogy. Special value is placed on the participants' personal aesthetic and artistic experience and development. This constitutes the basis for gaining methodical- didactical insights and developing craft skills.

Teaching practice groups enable participants to transfer their own experience into their work with groups. The participants are encouraged to transfer their experiences to the specific needs of their own professional backgrounds and cultures.


Relevant pre-study (3 years of practical music study, music pedagogy or pedagogy with a strong emphasis on music)
Relevant practical experience (250 hours in the area of musical education)
Full payment of the course fee (after successful completion of entrance examination)
Proof of fluency in the English language, written and spoken