ZiMT-Tools (by Johannes Kretz):

New: morph tunnel
Interpolation (analysis, noise / sinosods separation, resynthesis) betwenn 4 arbitrary sound sources in Max/MSP
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spectral delay, FFT patch for Max/MSP
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cross synthesis and sound freeze: FFT patch for Max/MSP
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a realtime shuffling patch, granulating and shuffling live audio input, for Max/MSP
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KLANGPILOT interpolation gadget
Simple interpolation between 3 different sounds in realtime using spectral analysis and resynthesis, for Max/MSP, requires the [iana~] external from IRCAM forum.
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Sophisticated Score Editor for control of sound synthesis, for Max/MSP. Currently supports additive, subtractive and fof synthesis (in parallel) as well as analysis/resynthesis from given sounds.
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Additive and Subtractive Synthesis
MaxMSP externals by Adam Siska commissioned by ZiMT. Originally developed for the KLANGPILOT but possibly usefull even outside of KLANGPILOT. (Helpfiles will be provided at some later time).

For Mac OSX: >> Download (additive) >> Download (subtraktive)
>> Download (additive, simplified)
>> Download (fof synthesis)

For Windows: >> Download (additive) >> Download (subtraktive) >> Download (additive, simplified)

Analyses a soundfile (a song for example) by cutting it into little segments and storing the midi pitch of each segment. Later this can be used to play an arbitrary piece of music on a keyboard by triggering randomly one of those segments that have the required pitch. The technique is somehow similar to those of photographic mosaics.
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Audio Extensions for (by Johannes Kretz):

Various Audio-Extensions for the Software-Environement "" by Georg Hajdu for Internet performances based on Max/MSP.
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MusicXML-PWGL (by Kilian Sprotte) for PWGL

Tool by Kilian Sprotte for exporting PWGL scores into Sibelius or Finale throgh the MusicXML format. Supportes nested tuplets, quarter tones and eights of tones. Download here.

Software by Prof. Karheinz Essl

RTC lib
Software library for algorithmic composition in Max/MSP/Jitter
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