Current Projects

  • FFT-Tools: cross synthesis, freezing, spectral delay in MaxMSP (download here)
  • KLANGPILOT III: high level control of realtime synthesis and sound interpolation (download here).
  • Sound Avatar: sound analysis and resynthesis in realtime as tool for network music and as performance tool
  • Laser Avatar: Two dancers in two different cities interact with each other performing music on laser harps.
  • Cooperation with ensemble exxj (Sensor-Projekt)
    Development of a software framework for sound transformation connected to a tracking system for dancers in real time. Cooperations with VRVis Forschungs GmbH, Imagination Computer Services Ges.m.b.H. and the Technical University Vienna (Virtual Reality Research Group).
  • Cooperation mit der ISCM Austrian Section
    Technical cooperation for the realization of concerts presenting electronic compositions
  • morph tunnel
    Development of a software for morphing between 3 arbitrary sound sources in real time. Download here.

Conference participation:

  • "PRISMA Workshop", Shanghai Conservatory, 5 Lectures, 2 Concerts, 2009
  • "Siggraph ASIA", Yokohama, Performance-Lecture, 2009
  • "Klangwerktage", Hamburg, Performance Lecture, 2009
  • "Music in the global village", Budapest, workshop, concert, 2009
  • "Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival", PRISMA, Plymouth, 2010
  • "Bohlen-Pierce-Conference", lecture, concert, 2010 Boston, USA,
  • "Chaos 2010", Chania, Crete, Conference, lecture, board member, 2010
  • PRISMA conference Paris, 2011, IRCAM Paris
  • International Computer Music Conference: ICMC 2011 Huddersfield, Poster "KLANGPILOT"
  • Symposium "Tage der Neuen Musik in Niederösterreich" Lecture "Rekontextualisierung"
  • "Musica nova" Conference Brno, November 2011, Lecture "KLANGPILOT"
  • Forum Medientechnik St.Pölten, November 2011, Lecture "KLANGPILOT"
  • International Computer Music Conference: ICMC 2012 Ljubljana, Performance
  • New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME 2013), Daejeon, Korea, Presentation
  • PRISMA conference Arc-et-Senans, France 2013, Presentation
  • International Computer Music Conference: ICMC 2013 Perth, Australia, Presentation


  • 50 years of electronic music – expanded Reality / infinte playground / parallel universe? In: Österreichische Musikzeitschrift (ÖMZ): "Ways of electronic music"
  • The Non-Hierarchical Rhythmical Language of Ngeche for Piano and Electronics Contemporary Music Review, Volume 28, Issue 2 April 2009 , pages 167 - 179. ISSN: 1477-2256 (electronic) 0749-4467 (paper)
  • Extending the KLANGPILOT Score Language for Real-Time Notation. In: Contemporary Music Review, Volume 29, Issue 1, 2010 , pages 29 - 37 ISSN: 1477-2256 (electronic) 0749-4467 (paper)
  • Freedom and Necessity in Computer Aided Composition: A Thinking Framework and its application. Proceedings of CHAOS 2010 International Conference, Chania, Crete, Greece 2010
  • desparate composers: Über die Problematik der Musikförderung aus der Sicht der ökonomischen Situation von Komponist(inn)en in Österreich, In: Österreichische Musikzeitschrift (ÖMZ) 65.Jg. (9/2010 S.20-25) ISSN 00 29-9316
  • Proceedings of ICMC 2011 Huddersfield: Johannes Kretz: "KLANGPILOT - A NEW INTERFACE FOR "WRITING" (NOT ONLY) SYNTHETIC SOUNDS"
  • Proceedings of Forum Medientechnick St.Pölten 2011
  • Multi Sensor Tracking for Live Sound Transformation With A.Furhmann & Peter Burwik. In: Proceedings "NIME 2013" South Korea 2013
  • Multi Sensor Tracking for Live Sound Transformation With A.Furhmann & Peter Burwik. In: Proceedings "ICMC 2013" Perth, West Australia 2013