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klanglese 11: Online-Publication Performing Sexual Identities.
  Nationalities on the Eurovision Stage
(Hrsg. Magdalena Fürnkranz and Ursula Hemetek)


► European Voices III
    The Instrumentation and Instrumentalization of Sound. Local Multipart Music Practices in Europe

    In commemoration of Gerlinde Haid

    Published by: Ardian Ahmedaja, 2017. Reihe: Schriften zur Volksmusik, Band 25, Wien: Böhlau.


► CD, Vol. 8, Tondokumente zur Volksmusik in Österreich
    „Treasures of Fieldwork on Music and Minorities – A Selection of Ursula Hemetek’s Field Recordings“

    Published by Rudolf Pietsch, Marko Kölbl und Hande Saglam
    Gewidmet Ursula Hemetek zum 60. Geburtstag. Auf der sind CD sind Tonaufnahmen aus Ursula Hemeteks
    Feldforschungsarchiv zu hören


Best of ISA Science 2013-2016.  An Interdisciplinary Collection of Essays on Music an Art
    (Hollitzer, 2017)

isaScience 2017
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Lecture series on transculturality
WS 2017/18
Lectures - Artistic Contributions - Discussions

Dates: Wednesdays 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.
Fanny Hensel-hall, 3, Anton-v.-Webern-Platz 1

The events are open to the public with free admission.

6 December 2017
Music in the Diaspora: China and Taiwan

Lecture: Su Zheng; Ethnomusikologin

Shen Yun Controversy: History, Spirituality, and Transnational Politics in Global Cultural Spectacle
Artistic contribution: Ming Wang; composer, Guzheng- and Pipa-player
From Pentatonic Scale to Western Avant-garde
Commentary and moderation: Hande Sağlam (mdw)
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