Interdisciplinary lecture series
Winter semester 2017/18
Artistic Contributions

Cross-boundary Explorations in Arts and Science


Dates: Wednesdays 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.
Campus of the University for Music and
Performing Arts Vienna,
3, Anton-Von-Webern-Platz 1
The events are open to the public with free admission.

Coordination/Contact: Daliah Hindler
T: +43-(0)1-711 55-4216


 4 October 2017
 Jewish Music
Lecture (in German): Sarah Ross; ethnomusicologist
The Concept of Transculturality in Jewish Music Studies
Artistic contribution: Fabian Pollack; guitarist, Michael Bruckner; guitarist, Dominik Grünbühel; bassist, Valentin Duit; drummer
Nifty’s - No. 3
Commentary and moderation: Ursula Hemetek (mdw)

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 8 November 2017
 Composition and Ethnomusicology
Lecture: Thomas James Solomon; ethnomusicologist
Transculturality, Hybridity and Music: From Aesthetics to Politics
and Back Again
Artistic contribution: Johannes Kretz, composer und computer musician, with students of the Department of Composition, Electroacoustics and Tonmeister Education
Confusing Inspiration 2
Commentary and moderation: Nora Bammer (University of Vienna)
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 6 December 2017
 Music in the Diaspora: China and Taiwan

Lecture: Su Zheng; Ethnomusikologin

Shen Yun Controversy: History, Spirituality, and Transnational Politics in Global Cultural Spectacle
Artistic contribution: Ming Wang; composer, Guzheng- and
From Pentatonic Scale to Western Avant-garde
Commentary and moderation: Hande Sağlam (mdw)
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 10 January 2018

 Refugees: Political Discourse and  pedagogical
Lecture (in German): Monika Mokre; political scientist
Political Activism of refugees and supporters
Artistic contribution: Marwan Abado, composer, Oud-player and singer, with adolescent musicians
Marwan Abado and his Mobile Music School
Commentary and moderation: Marko Kölbl (mdw)

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Projektteam: Ursula Hemetek, Daliah Hindler, Harald Huber,
Therese Kaufmann, Gerda Müller, Hande Sağlam

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