In selecting his/her competition programme, the candidate is requested to choose works from each of the following 6 groups and has to include one of the pieces marked by an asterisk (*).

Group 1: One of the sonatas from op. 2/1 to op. 26
(with the exception of op. 14/1 and 14/2)
Group 2: One of the sonatas from op. 27 to op. 90
(with the exception of op. 49/1, 49/2 and op. 79)
Group 3: One of the sonatas op. 101*, 106*, 109, 110, 111* or
variations op. 120* (Diabelli Variations)
Group 4: One of the following variation-works: op. 34, op. 35*, 24 variations
on the ariette: “Venni amore” by V. Righini (1790) WoO 65, 12 variations
on a Russian dance from the ballet “Das Waldmädchen” by
R. Wranitzky WoO 71, 32 variations c-minor WoO 80
Group 5: One of following pieces:
Bagatelles op.33, both Rondos op. 51/1, 51/2,  Fantasy op. 77,
Polonaise op. 89, Bagatelles op. 119, Bagatelles op. 126, Rondo op. 129
or Andante favori WoO 57
Group 6: Two piano concertos, one from each group:
a) op. 15 or op. 19 or op. 37
b) op. 58 or op. 73

In the course of the contest, the candidate must play the following
(The works chosen for the competition can be identical with those played in the entry examination)


  • two works chosen from groups 1, 2 or 3 (Please note that it is not permitted to play two works from the same group)
  • one work from group 4


1st Round: one work each from group 2, 4 and 5
2nd Round: one work each from group 1 and 3
Finale: one of the two piano concerts with
orchestra from group 6, chosen by the jury

All compositions must be played by memory.

Any alterations to the submitted programme must be notified to the competition office no later than March 15, 2017.

Practice Facilities during the Competition will be provided by the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna.